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We cut sheet metal from 6 mm to 30 mm thick with plasma, from 30 mm to 200 mm thick, 3,500 mm wide, 24 m long with oxygen cutting.
Protection paint of sheet sheets and profiles from 5 mm to 500 mm thickness is made. SA 21/2 quality scraping process and 15-20 micron thick shopprimer paint process is applied simultaneously to the metal surface in the conveyor follow-up.
University Home Page Services
Our company is with you as a strong partner in all your project works. We manage your projects in the most effective and reliable way with our professional services in a wide range of services ranging from port organization to the transportation and unloading stages of the ship. Our experienced team performs at a high level at every stage with industry-specific knowledge and meticulously planned operations.
50 Years From Steel to Sea...
With our strong-rooted history and experience, we offer our customers not only steel but also a strong solution partnership for their projects.


In the near future, as a company, it will be preferred in the national and international markets for its quality of goods and services, encouraging teamwork, and having a participatory and sharing management; To be permanent within the leading companies.


Ensuring the unconditional satisfaction of our customers in the sheet iron, steel and profile industry with the supply of products of the desired quality on time and in the desired quality both in domestic and international markets and with after-sales support.
Establishing a strong and sustainable partnership with our customers, expanding the product range to meet their changing demands and making the necessary investments for this,

To contribute to the country’s exports and the regional economy, to find new markets and to be permanent in these markets,

Our main goals are to be a company that respects the environment by giving importance to the health of our employees, society and customers, and to respect human rights, provide value to its stakeholders, adopt continuous improvement and development as a principle and create a safe working environment.