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Dear friends;

We are very happy to share with you the happiness of online our website, which we plan to publish in the first quarter of 2024. We have corrected many errors and mistakes that have been missing on our website so far and presented them to the appreciation and service of our esteemed friends with a more contemporary and solution-oriented approach.

In the ‘products’ section of our site, the ship sheet that we include in stocks for special projects is the 1st quality sheet metal in the production of the factories in our foreign and domestic connections, except for the Dutch profile; UNALLOYED AND LOW ALLOY STEEL PLATE SHEETS, HIGH STRENGTH STEEL PLATE SHEETS, ALUMINUM SHIPBUILDING SHEETS, DUPLEX SUNPROOF SHIP PLATES have also been added. Boiler Sheets (2025), high strength sheets (2026), which we plan to buy in Turkey stocks in the future, are our main stock targets. Currently, we are delivering on a project basis from abroad upon request.

Of course, our foreign trade unit, which we have established to support this idea and to help you more strongly, serves you with its connections to Europe, Eastern Bloc and the Far East. It always offers professional solutions with the principle of offering the highest quality product under the most favorable conditions.

With the support of you, our esteemed friends; We continue on our way with the principle of keeping better quality services and products in stock every day. We wish everyone success in their work.

Best regards;

Proudly carries the distinction of being the largest company and the widest product range in the Tuzla Shipyards region since its establishment.


Iron – Steel and Far East Factor in the World
Iron – Steel and Far East Factor in the World

China is the world's largest iron and steel producer. It has more than 50% of the world's production. This feature allows it to play a decisive role in the iron market. It has the same characteristics in terms of consumption. If we evaluate it in terms of competition...

Our new order delivery is in April
Our new order delivery is in April

ÜRKMEZ SAC DEMIR 2. He made the overseas ship sheet connection. This connection, which will originate in the Far East, totaled 4,150 tons. Sheet sheets purchased for Tuzla stocks will contain grade A, AH36, DH36 grades. Our sheets, which will be in Turkey in April...

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